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The Sunday Paper: Never Count A Champion Out

June 18, 2022

After watching the Golden State Warriors claim their 4th NBA title in 8 years, you have to tip your hat to them. I myself watched in-person what I thought was the end of their dynasty a few years back when they were beaten by the Toronto Raptors. The following two seasons they didn’t even make the playoffs. And I know there was some optimism with the return of Klay Thompson after a two-year absence, but nothing is promised and nothing is guaranteed. But last night, they showed you never count a champion out. The Warriors themselves, I am sure, never stopped believing. They kept showing up waiting for their moment, and they seized that moment last night.

The Sunday Paper: Don't Count A Champion Out

Sports, I feel, is always a good analogy for life and something we can learn a lot from that can help us in the game of life. I guess that’s why sports is so compelling. It’s uplifting and poetic in a way.  Champions don’t give up, and they don’t give in. And I know for myself in life, that mentality of never giving up and always showing up may sound cliché, but that persistence on a course that may be bumpy at times and may not be easy at times will determine the champion in the end.  The Warriors were patient and determined, and here they are back at the top of the summit. Now I know this has nothing to do with fashion, but I feel the story was too good to pass up and it was one that I was happy to see. It was a little bit nostalgic too which is rooted in my design process, and basketball and the NBA is ingrained and embedded in the DNA of the brand. When I was a kid growing up in Australia, I wanted to move to America and become an American citizen as a result of watching the then-champions the Chicago Bulls. So there is a correlation.

Now the question remains, is this now the end of the dynasty or will the Warriors rise to the occasion again and add to their dynasty? We will have to wait and see, but one thing's for sure - don’t count them out.
Daniel Patrick

The Sunday Paper: Don't Count A Champion Out


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