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The Sunday Paper: Look Good, Feel Good, Do Good

February 26, 2022

For me personally and one of the reasons I got into fashion in the first place was that I loved the feeling that I got from taking care of myself. Whether that be exercising, dressing well or even eating well. I know I have mentioned this before, but the feeling I get when I get a haircut gives me a boost of confidence. Same after taking a run up the mountain or jumping on the treadmill and getting some space and a quick sweat in. I do feel a lot of my best ideas come when I am in these moments, not sitting around trying to come up with ideas.

Look Good Feel Good Do Good

The reason I believe this to be the case is that one’s attitude, in my opinion, makes all the difference in regards to life. And you will see that if you act with a positive attitude and outlook, things will go better as opposed to having a poor attitude. I also find people respond to me better too when I am in this positive frame of mind. As for my philosophy, look good feel good do good, it definitely ties into that and is at the core of my motivation in life not only for myself but to see others thrive with that principle in mind. It is my goal and purpose to help others to achieve this and also to embody this for myself and inspire others in that way. Now I may not succeed at this 100% of the time, but when I do, it’s a true joy and pleasure for me. This philosophy of mine applies to all areas of life. I do recall doing a job interview in my early 20s, and the interviewer was quite taken by the small detail of matching my socks to my pants. It stuck with her and got me the job, although I didn’t take it at the time.

Look Good Feel Good Do Good

You even see this in sport. The great athletes have an aesthetic about them. I know one of my idols growing up, Michael Johnson, had a swagger about him, from the earrings to the gold chains and gold spikes to the haircut. I am sure wearing jewelry wasn’t as aerodynamic as not wearing it. But like MJ at the dunk contest, that swagger raised them to new heights, and I can see that for myself as I experience the same thing. So there is something to be said about looking good and feeling good that can bring about success in one’s life. And above all, the best thing one can be is oneself and be the best version of that. We may not all be a Michael Jordan, or a Brad Pitt for that matter, but that doesn’t matter, as I feel we can all look good in our own way. So find a style that fits you and find what it is that makes you happy and always strive to improve even when you have “made it”.
Daniel Patrick

Look Good Feel Good Do Good


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