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The Sunday Paper: Australia

July 16, 2022

As a kid growing up in Australia, I had my sights set on making it in America. Even from a young age, I had that dream. Since moving here 11 years ago and making that dream a reality, I never thought I’d grow fond again of the city I grew up in. But as I got older and matured into the man I am today and the father of two kids, my perspective on life changed. Happy as I was to leave the past in the past as a hungry go-getter, I now have an appreciation for the important things in life. I do get a lot of joy out of creating and overcoming obstacles towards my goal, but there has been a piece of me missing that I feel ready to re-experience again with new perspective and some life experience behind. That is more time with family and friends in my homeland.

LA is my home, that is no question. But for me, I also want Sydney and Australia to be part of my life again. And I want my children to experience the things I did growing up there. So next week after almost 8 years of not having gone back, I am headed down under and I couldn’t be more excited. Food, family and culture are the things I am focussing on for this trip. I’m excited to see how much has changed and also to see the things that haven’t changed too. Good coffee, good food with old friends and family. As I look back on the good times I did have there, I remember the 2000 Olympics and the time at the beach. It’s a great lifestyle, the Aussie lifestyle. Very laid back. Not too dissimilar in that regard to LA. I’d love to spend more time there in the coming years, and this trip will be the first step on that journey. Stay tuned for a travel journal of the trip, and follow along the journey on our Insta Stories.
Daniel Patrick

The Sunday Paper: Australia


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