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Daniel's Design Philosophy

November 04, 2020

Daniel's design philosophy //

Designing for me is not just about sitting down at a table and telling myself I need to design something. It's an organic process and quite spontaneous, and that is the way I like it. I prefer to draw my inspirations from life, the way I live it and the things I like. Some of those things may be totally abstract or more specific and not necessarily related to clothes. It is about blending my love of fashion with things like architecture, landscapes and sports.

Daniel's design philosophy //

One basic thing a design has to have for me is it has to communicate to the intended audience and, in fashion, that would relate to the person wearing it. My goal is to make people look good and feel good and also be comfortable. I need clothes that fit into life.

Luxury sportswear is where I landed, as it is authentic to who I am as a person, where I came from and what I'm into. I think things can be overdesigned at times, and I like to focus on simplicity and tell a story through details and colors.
I grew up in Australia going to the beach and playing sport, and that had a huge impact on my design philosophy and the way I see and do things. Now having moved to Los Angeles to chase the California dream so to speak and living here for the past 9 years, that has impacted the way I look at things too and is a huge part of the brand DNA.
Daniel's design philosophy //
I feel like there needs to be a healthy combination of influencing your environment and being influenced by it. I like to design clothes that can be worn on the walk-in to the arena at an NBA game to grabbing a coffee or going for a hike. Versatility is key.

We are about California Comfort and simplicity that matches the laid back lifestyle that is Los Angeles and even harkens back to the laid back nature of growing up by the beach in Australia and playing any sport that they had going just to get out of class for a period or two. I want to create luxurious sportswear that can be dressed up or down and can get you through the day, whatever that day may bring. I feel we have evolved and achieved that end, and I continue to work to better that as well. 
Daniel Patrick
Daniel's design philosophy //

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